Still Gardening in October? Yes I am!

There’s still time to prepare for a beautiful spring garden and healthy lawn.  Here are a few things you can do yet this fall to improve your garden next year.

  •  Plant spring bulbs!   Yes there is still time to plant spring blooming bulbs.  Most spring bulbs can be planted right up until the ground freezes.    Stagger the bloom times for ongoing color.
  1. Early bloomers – have you grown Siberian Squill, Grape Hyacinth or Snowdrops?
  2. Mid-spring bloomers – iris, tulips and daffodils can all be planted right up until the ground freezes.

    Photo Credit: Brenda Scheer

3.   Late blooming spring bulbs –Allium

  • Clean up and dispose of any diseased plant debris.  This will minimize the chances of the disease over wintering and returning next year.
  • Pick up leaves from your yard.  Leaf build up helps trap moisture between the leaves and the lawn creating a favorable environment for snow mold.

Photo Credit: Brenda Scheer

  • Water your trees and shrubs up until the ground freezes.  It’s been very dry.  Lack of water puts stress on trees and shrubs.    Provide slow deep watering to trees and shrubs for best results.
  •  Consider leaving ornamental grasses standing for winter interest.
  • Think about what worked well and where you want to focus your efforts in your garden next year.   When winter comes you can start making plans for your spring garden tasks.

Check out the Yard and Garden News for monthly tips on yard and garden care:

The mission of the Master Gardener program is to teach others in the community about horticulture.  In Dakota County, there are more than 130 active Master Gardeners who volunteer several thousand hours per year.

Visit the Master Gardeners of Dakota County website for additional gardening tips, information on our Research and Display Garden, the Junior Master Gardener Program, as well as upcoming events and classes.

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