Month Before Spring by Gail Maifeld

T’was a month before spring
Ground covered with snow
Cardinal and Chickadees to feeders must go
And Voles munch under the snow.
My eyes had grown dull
Reruns and Netflix has lost any glow
When my eyes fell to my watch
2:45- time to get up and go.
With deliberate effort I bundled up
Temperatures had fallen well below.
Open the door, breath in, look up
Gently guiding my feet outward to my goal.
Flip open the flap, insert a gloved hand
Extract a bundle and hear kerplop
A bright glossy patch reflects in the snow
Like a promise of something new to unfold.
What to my inquiring eye should appear?
Oh joy! A seed catalog!
I drew the bold words near
“Colorful Companions of nonstop Beauty” foretold.
Energizing my step and lengthening my stride
Quickly to the house I sped.
While visions of Calibrachoa and petunias
Danced in my head.
Hmmm – what color for pots? New bed?
Lemon Sorbet or new zinnia seeds
All forecast for perfection
If planted IPM!
The teapot now empty ; the catalog spent
My gaze drifted outside to snow covered beds
While a little voice whispered Take Heart!
Spring is ahead.
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One Response to Month Before Spring by Gail Maifeld

  1. Mary Alterman says:

    Gail, a poet too!!!! I loved this! What are some of your favorite seed catelogs? (I’m not getting enough of them, I’m sure. Only two or three 🙁

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