Meandering Minds Want to Know

While looking for new ideas I’ve spent many hours wandering through garden centers, designing and redesigning landscapes and containers on the fly.  Putting plants in my wagon, changing my mind when I see something more interesting, putting back some or all of what I’ve already chosen and starting again.   Most often this is because I’ve arrived at the garden center without a plan.  Not having a plan while meandering through the garden centers, my thoughts turn to:

  •   would that plant work in my garden?
  •   what would I do with that?
  •   what would be suitable companion plants with that really cool looking plant?

Meandering through the garden center can bring more questions than answers.   However, here’s an idea to find some of those answers – take some time to wander established home gardens!  Yes, there are people who will open their home gardens to the public and these garden tours are fabulous places to find some of the answers to those questions that pop into your head at the garden center.

Here is information on a garden tour that looks to be a good one this weekend in Dakota County:

I am always looking for new ideas so I may just see you there!

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