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Emerald Ash Borer – What now?

By  Paul Wood, Master Gardener of Dakota County MDA Certified EAB First Responder This invader from China was first confirmed in Minnesota in 2009 in Southeast Minnesota. It was first found in the Twin Cities area later in 1990 in … Continue reading

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Returning Plants Outdoors After Wintering Inside

In the fall, I brought several of my favorite outdoor plants indoors in hopes they would survive over the winter and I would not have to buy all new plants for my outdoor pots and gardens. With temperatures in the … Continue reading

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Building a Pollinator Garden

Time to start thinking about what to do differently in your garden this year.   Cheryl and Dan Forrest, University of MN Master Gardeners in Dakota shared the following:  “If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, man would … Continue reading

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Winter Continues and I’m Planning for Spring

It’s that time of year again.   My thoughts and expectations are focused on spring and the new growing season however,  winter continues!   Looking for the bright spot in this, it does give me time to ponder: what worked well last year what … Continue reading

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Meandering Minds Want to Know

While looking for new ideas I’ve spent many hours wandering through garden centers, designing and redesigning landscapes and containers on the fly.  Putting plants in my wagon, changing my mind when I see something more interesting, putting back some or all … Continue reading

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Protecting Our Native Trees

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources defines an invasive species as “species that are not native to Minnesota and cause economic or environmental harm or harm to human health.” We’re looking at a two part definition.  In the first part … Continue reading

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Building a Pollinator Garden

“If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, man would have no more than four years to live.”  It has been disputed if Albert Einstein ever really said this.  While the exact quote can’t be found, the thought … Continue reading

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Best Time to Prune Trees

Best Time to Prune Trees   Although trees are quite resilient and may be pruned anytime, there are both practical as well as biological reasons to prune or not prune during certain times of the year. If it is between … Continue reading

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Month Before Spring by Gail Maifeld

T’was a month before spring Ground covered with snow Cardinal and Chickadees to feeders must go And Voles munch under the snow.   My eyes had grown dull Reruns and Netflix has lost any glow When my eyes fell to … Continue reading

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Bring on Spring!

After last week’s blizzard and snow along with the new snow today, I’m looking forward to spring.   Seed and flower catalogues, garden design magazines and spring garden expos are the bridge to get me from January to the arrival of … Continue reading

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Plan now for a Colorful Spring with Bulbs!

by Lee Kaibel As we enjoy late blooms and foliage in the last few warm weeks ahead, many gardeners find fall is the time of year to reflect on the summer and the beauty of their garden.  Or, for some … Continue reading

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Growing Healthy Vegetables

Josh Kielsmeier, University of Minnesota graduate student under Michelle Grabowski, presented an enlightening garden talk and walk titled “Growing Healthy Vegetables” on the evening of August 13 to twenty gardeners at the South St. Paul/First Presbyterian Church Community Garden.  Class … Continue reading

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Native Trees – A Good Choice for the Home Landscape

By Sue Light, Master Gardener in Dakota County Are you among the growing number of Dakota County gardeners who are helping the environment by selecting plants that provide food and shelter for wildlife?  Many gardeners are planting native plants such … Continue reading

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Soar Like a Butterfly

By Gail Maifeld – Children’s Garden Chair Person Have you envied the delicate butterfly as is gracefully flutters about the bright blooms in the garden?  The 2013 Dakota County Master Gardener’s Children’s Garden theme this year is Integrated Butterfly.  Three … Continue reading

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Make Your Landscape Delicious

About the author: Joy Hayes is a Registered Dietitian who enjoys gardening with her family. She especially enjoys growing edibles in her woodland, hillside and vegetable gardens. Producing and purchasing locally-grown foods is important to her and her family. I … Continue reading

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Hot Annuals for a Cool Spring

 A bit about the author:  Julie Harris has been a Master Gardener for several years and has led various flower trial gardens at the Master Gardener Education, Research and Display Gardens, at the Rosemount Research and Outreach Center (RROC).  She … Continue reading

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Myths and Facts about Iris

A few words about the author:  Lee Kaibel is a Dakota County Master Gardener who has lead the iris committee.          Myth – I do not grow Iris because they have a short bloom time. Fact – … Continue reading

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Correction: Get Your Garden Started – With or Without Spring

After much consideration, great reluctance and three days of snow in May,  the decision was made to postpone the Master Gardener  Plant Sale  mentioned in Connie’s original article until June 1st.    The  Master Gardeners of Dakota County  annual plant sale will be held on Saturday, June … Continue reading

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Connie Kotke found her passion for gardening ten years ago, when she purchased a home with a “wooded” backyard filled with buckthorn. Her labor of love has been clearing and re-establishing a natural habitat in the shade of many hundred-year-old … Continue reading

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Let’s Get Growing – 2013 Spring Garden Expo

Is your inner gardener tired of the ‘off season’? Mark your calendars to start the 2013 Gardening Season March 9, 2013 and step in to spring. The 2013 Spring Expo “Let’s Get Growing” sponsored by the University of Minnesota Master … Continue reading

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